Blaise Pascal ‘ın İngilizce Biyografisi Hayatı, Blaise Pascal Biography English

İngilizce Blaise Pascal Hayatı

Blaise Pascal, June 19, 1623 – d. August 19 1662 French mathematician, physicist and philosopher.
The most basic piece of known Thoughts ‘dir. More at the age of 16 conics wrote a review on. 1642, not yet 18, while the tax collector to facilitate the work of his father, consisting of gears and wheels mechanically devised a calculator.

Mersenne Academy of mathematics dealing with his father was adopted in Paris.
He was born June 19 appeared 1623, died August 19th 1662. Pascal, which manifests itself at a young age dehalardandır yet. Just 12 years old, though they are not having any knowledge of geometry, began to draw circles and equilateral triangles, the sum of interior angles of a triangle is equal to two right angles has found himself. Lawyer, and very interested in mathematics and his father, he did not want to head to mathematics learning Greek and Latin language well.

For this reason, take care of all the math books on this subject prohibits storing of Pascal. Pascal, child, “Geometry examines what?” his father asked the question and the “right way to draw shapes and figures that examines the relationships between parts,” was the answer. Pascal, on the basis of these responses, to establish and prove the theorems of geometry begun in secret. Finally, his father, his ability and his understanding of Euclid ‘s (Euclid) Elementler’ini and Apollonius ‘un has Konikler’ini. Pascal’s father who read his books, language courses, leisure time, 16-year-old wrote a book on conics. By the excellence of this work of Descartes, Pascal, such as the work was written by a young man drew it difficult to believe.
Pascal, 19 years old, has invented a calculator that performs arithmetic operations mechanically.
Pascal is not only the theoretical sciences, practical and experimental sciences, a researcher in the talented and original. 23 years old, and found work related to the atmospheric pressure Toricelli’nin barometredeki extracted from a mountain falling mercury column, shown a reduction in air pressure goes up so high. Dental pain, could not sleep one night on the roulette game and cycloid cycloid curve characteristics of thought and discovered.

Pascal, Fermat, and correspondence, probability theory and a set up to boot binomial coefficients given. Pascal’s Triangle ‘of the discovery belongs to him.
Pascal, a very young age is very important work has been completed and significant contributions to the development of mathematics. Pascal, his philosophy and religion at the age of 25 dedicated, 39-year-old died.


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